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Find out how beautiful it is to have an Bulldog puppy in your life and its benefits it can bring to you. Meet our puppies.

They are loving pets

Raised with love to give love

Bulldog Premium is synonymous with guarantee.

Premium Bulldog Puppies

Our puppies have excellent genetics that are the result of many years of work programming selected crosses; Primarily seeking good emotional, mental and physical health of our puppies. Raised with love to give love.


10 Advantages of an
English Bulldog

Having an adult bulldog is really a wonderful and very beautiful experience full of unique moments; It also has characteristics that stand out from other dog breeds.

puppy towards your house

national and international shipments of puppies

We make personal deliveries by making land and air trips with your pet. depending on the service contracted by our clients. We ship your pet internationally to: Canada, United States, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Chile.
We make personal deliveries in some cities in the United States: in Arizona and Los Angeles. We ship your puppy by air to the rest of the United States. In the country of Mexico, in the states of Sonora and Baja California, we make personal deliveries of your puppy, to the rest of the Mexican Republic we make air shipments of your puppy.

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moving puppies to their new homes in different airports around the world.

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The English Bulldog

Learn everything about the English bulldog, its character and physical characteristics..

Bulldog Premium

In the heart of Arizona, where the sun kisses the horizon with shades of fire and the desert stretches out like a canvas of nature, there is an oasis of love and dedication for a breed that captures hearts with its very presence: the English Bulldog. Here in this special corner of the world is the breeder who has raised the standard of excellence, known among those in the know as the best English Bulldog breeder in the state.
This breeder not only stands out for the superior quality of his puppies, but also for his tireless commitment to the health and well-being of each one of them. With a philosophy that emphasizes responsible and ethical breeding, this breeder has established a legacy of dogs that are not only beautiful, but also happy, healthy, and well-adjusted.

Arizona English Bulldogs are known for their balanced temperament, solid build, and impeccable conformation, reflecting carefully selected bloodlines and breeding that prioritizes quality over quantity. Each puppy is a testament to the passion and knowledge that this breeder brings to his or her work, ensuring that each family takes home not only a pet, but an additional member of their household.
Breeding English Bulldogs is an art, and in Arizona, this breeder is a true artist.

Our History

There are stories that begin when you are finishing another one. Sometimes you live and you don’t know that you are making history… Our Story begins in 2009, I remember that I lived in an apartment on the 12th floor which had a beautiful view overlooking a park where every morning they took a beautiful white dog for a walk with a peculiarly elegant and powerful coat……

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